Liparteliani Wines
Kvemo Kartli – Georgia

Viticulture at the foot of the Caucasus

Georgia, along with Mesopotamia, is considered the cradle of viticulture. Archaeological finds, such as 7,000-year-old grape seeds, indicate that viticulture was of central importance there from the earliest times. The conditions for viticulture, in the shelter of the towering Caucasus are ideal. The climate is considered temperate, the soils are diverse.

The Liparteliani family has been growing grapes for six generations. Their 5-hectare winery is located about 50 km southeast of the capital Tbilisi in Bolnisi, in the region of Lower Kartli (Kvemo Kartli). The family works passionately in harmony with nature. Interventions in the winemaking process are reduced to a minimum. Wine is a symbol of connection and joy for family members, much like music and dance.

Where old tradition meets the future

Georgia is considered the home of the Qvevris. Literally translated, Qvevri means “that which is buried”. They are egg-shaped jars or amphorae made of terracotta, buried in the ground. The fermentation and aging of the wines take place in these vessels. The Lipartelianis also adhere to this ancestral, traditional winemaking technique. Their Qvevri wines are intensely aromatic, with a fascinating blend of fruity and spicy characteristics. Exciting wines, which are also ideal with hearty and spicy dishes. Today, winemakers around the world refer to this ancient Georgian winemaking tradition and use clay amphorae in winemaking.

Old-established grape varieties

The Liparteliani winery cultivates the indigenous grape varieties Saperavi and Rkatseteli.

The Saperavi grape produces powerful red wines that can be stored for a long time. Both the skin and the flesh are colored red, which is very rare. Liparteliani-Saperavi is a big, rich, flavorful wine characterized by aromas of ripe dark fruit and cassis.

Rkatsiteli is an ancient, light-skinned grape variety. It is still the most popular white wine grape variety in Georgia. Liparteliani-Rkatsiteli is dry with aromas of lime, fennel, tropical fruit and honey. It goes well with cheese,
Potato dishes, meat salads and pies.

The wines of Liparteliani wines