Eva Pemper Wines
Marlborough – New Zealand

Eva Pemper’s story

Eva Pemper originally comes from a Croatian winemaking family. Her parents sparked Eva’s passion for wine at an early age. This also shaped the Croatian’s later educational and professional path. With a master’s degree in viticulture from the University of Agriculture in Zagreb, she came to New Zealand in 2012. At the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Hawke’s Bay, she finally earned a diploma in oenology.

Eva gained a lot of experience initially at Brent Marris’ Grove Mill, Mud House and Marisco operations. During her six years at Marisco, she worked her way up to assistant winemaker. At Marlborough Vintners, the Croatian then created numerous wines for various smaller producers as a contract winemaker (Client Winemaker). Her skills and knowledge of different winemaking styles were thus significantly deepened. In 2019, the young winemaker was asked to go to the South of France as a consultant for Liberty Wines. An invaluable experience and broadening of horizons, especially as far as the production of rosé wines was concerned.

Finally, in 2020, Eva founded Eva Pemper Wines with a business partner. His vineyards at the foot of the Wither Hills ensure the supply of high-quality grapes and enable the production of exceptional wines year after year.

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The wines of Eva Pemper

With the “Eva Pemper” brand, the winemaker wants to continue the legacy of her Croatian family. The influence of Croatian immigrants on the New Zealand wine industry is generally very significant. Over a hundred years ago, families from Croatia came here with only their suitcases to follow their dream. Today, that dream has given rise to some of the most prominent figures in the New Zealand wine industry and world-renowned brands.

As a winemaker, Eva’s vision is to let the grapes and the vineyards speak for themselves through the wine. She therefore intervenes as little as possible in the production of her wines. The ambitious Croatian’s aspiration: to make accessible, delicious wines with elegance that are easy to drink and can be enjoyed on any occasion.

But Eva Pemper’s wine dream goes even further: In the future, she wants to present the best from every wine region in New Zealand. This could soon include wines like Central Otago Pinot Noir or Hawke’s Bay Syrah. And the vintner would also be fascinated by the creation of her own sparkling wine under the “Eva Pemper” brand.

Currently, the portfolio of the brand “Eva Pemper” consists of a Single Vineyard Chardonnay, a Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, a Single Vineyard Pinot Noir and a Rosé. All bottles are adorned with a label featuring a little angel holding a glass of wine. This is reminiscent of Eva’s family and represents the love and passion for life that we can all enjoy in a wonderful glass of wine.

The wines of Eva Pemper


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Wine packages

6er Sauvignon Blanc wine package


Includes 19% MwSt.


Includes 19% MwSt.
(47,73  / 1,0 L)


Includes 19% MwSt.
(41,21  / 1,0 L)


Includes 19% MwSt.
(22,40  / 1,0 L)