Do you also buy your wines at the hardware store or at the gas station?

Wine as a soulless mass product

Many of the wines offered today are interchangeable, faceless, without soul. Such industrially produced, standardized and homogeneous mass wines are already traded in a similar way to cotton, rice or soybeans. They not only appear on the large areas of discounters, supermarkets and hypermarkets, but are also increasingly found on the shelves of drugstore chains, hardware stores and gas stations. The only distinguishing feature and purchase criterion is often only the price.

Wines of clear origin and a history

But thanks to heaven, there are also the other wines. The ones for whom it is worth taking long journeys. Which trigger a true feeling of happiness when tasting. They are wines that have a clear reference to their origin. Their grapes are characterized by the soils and the climate in their homeland. And they are wines that tell their own story, of the vision and craftsmanship of their producers.

Why we love wines from overseas

Of course, there are such wonderful drops with individual handwriting also in Europe. And we too can imagine one day importing wines from Italy, Portugal, Spain, France or other European countries. But we are passionate about the wines from overseas. This fire was lit on our first trips to New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Chile. As for New Zealand, this first trip was followed by 4 years of living in this beautiful country and the founding of a wine trading company. Since 1999 we have been one of the leading German importers of New Zealand wines.

The viticultural potential of the New World

Especially the wine-growing regions overseas, often called New World, is an incredible source of wine discoveries. Here, new areas are constantly being explored, analyzed and developed for viticulture. And so you always come across wines that can become real insider tips and sometimes have a spectacular enjoyment experience.

Finding these “pearls” and bringing them directly to your home – “Grand Wines Direct” – that is our mission.



discovered the incomparable, great wines of New Zealand in 1999 and brought them to Europe as one of the pioneers. His specialty is international wine logistics from the most remote regions of the planet, from winemakers in “Far Far Away” to your home on the kitchen table.

Daniela Dünckelmeyer

is a passionate wine expert. As a lover of good food in combination with high-quality wines, she stands for one of our credos: enjoyment and quality.
She discovered her love for good wine at an early age. During a study visit to New Zealand in 2006/2007, the affinity for this country and its expressive wines also awakened.
Since then, she has continued to educate herself in terms of wine expertise. Since 2019, she has belonged to the circle of holders of the Diploma in Wines and Spirits (WSET) and “Wine Academic”. Professionally, the career changer has been working in the wine industry since 2016, among other things in support and advice in wine purchasing at wine in motion and incidentally with her own small wine trade.


Already in the early 1990s he was infected with the wine virus. And so, after various wine trips around the world of wine, an extravagant self-study and training at the Wine Academy Austria, the business graduate and marketing consultant has become a sought-after wine consultant and wine educator. He is a member of the “Association of Independent Wine Consultants (FUW)” and founder of the company “Vinvia – The Way to Wine Culture”.

For more than 18 years, the wine academic (DipWSET) has also been working as a marketing and content manager in the online wine trade.