hesketh wine company

Coonawarra – australia

Go your own way, eat and drink well

The Hesketh Wine Company is a small, family-run wine production company. High-quality and yet very accessible wines are produced here. The company is counting on the respective strengths of the individual regions in South Australia. Each wine is made either from a single vineyard or a small selection of vineyard locations within a region. The grapes come from either Coonawarra or the Barossa Valley, from specialized, experienced winegrowers. Winemakers Phil Lehmann and Charlie Ormsby provide the unique house style of the Hesketh Wine Company: a combination of balance, complexity and – most importantly – a good drinking flow. The wines have vivid aromas and taste, they are drops in which the terroir is reflected.

The wines of the hesketh wine company


Includes 19% MwSt.
(15,73  / 1 L)