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Little demon in the glass

G.S.M. The perfect blend between three Mediterranean grape varieties: Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre (often called Mataro). This style dates back centuries to the time of the French popes of Avignon & Châteauneuf-du-Pape, but is fresh & modern with light berry fruits, subtle spice and a lot of complexity despite its drinkable nature. The extraordinary name goes back to a physical experiment. In 1871, Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a thought experiment that involved a hypothetical creature acting as a gatekeeper between two chambers to sort gas molecules according to their speed. At first glance, such a system could potentially generate energy out of thin air… theoretically impossible given the laws of physics. This hypothetical gatekeeper became known among physicists as Maxwell’s little demon and has been causing debate in the scientific community for over a century.


And this is how the Little Demon G.S.M. by Maxwell Wines tastes

From the glass of the Maxwell Little Demon Grenache Shiraz Mataro penetrate intense red berry aromas with plum compote and herbal notes. On the palate, this cuvée is full-bodied and profound, with velvety tannin and delicate acidity, the plum note also continues in the mouth, accompanied by an animating wild tone and white pepper spice, a haunting wine, elegant and with a long aftertaste.

2017 Maxwell Little Demon GSM


And that fits the Little Demon G.S.M. by Maxwell Wines

Recommendation of the house to the Maxwell Little Demon Grenache Shiraz Mataro: Confit duck press with pickled and young beetroot. We love it to the braised lamb shoulder with ratatouille.

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